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There is a sanctuary nestled deep inside a native forest. A natural refuge, unique in its beauty, diversity, convenience and comfort. A place that fosters the best in family life, career opportunities and neighborhood involvement. It began as one of America’s first master-planned communities and is now one of the finest. We call it The Woodlands. You can call it home.

Like an artist’s palette. The Woodlands offers a beautiful montage of living at its best. Magnificent homes, winding nature trails, parks, shops and places of worship are carefully arranged in this lively and colorful panorama. In addition to being a scenic masterpiece, the native forests nurture higher values than those that are purely tangible. It’s the intangibles like human services, religious diversity, community spirit, healthcare and lifelong learning that are the cornerstones of community building. Those have been the guiding principles of The Woodlands since its founding more than 40 years ago.

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